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Understanding what the most common gi size for women is vital for female Brazilian jiu-jitsu practitioners. Women in particular, face challenges given the differences in body shape when compared to men. Common women’s gi sizes range from 0-5, with select brands offering sizes like A6 and A7. Gi size charts are vital for a good fit. Size charts consider height, weight, and sometimes apparel size. Many brands introduce half sizes like A1.5 and A2.5 for a more tailored fit. It is important to remember that gi sizes vary between brands. Always check the specific brand’s size chart and measure your body when choosing your gi. Also, it is important that you measure yourself properly when sizing, there is nothing worse than opening a brand new gi that doesn’t fit!

Why the Right Size Gi is Crucial

Impact on Mobility & Technique:

A proper gi size is crucial. It provides optimal mobility and ensures effective movement. If a gi is too tight it will restrict your movement. Likewise ,a gi that is too loose can be cumbersome and difficult to move in.

Competition Uniform Rules

Strict uniform rules apply in Brazilian jiu-jitsu competitions. Both men and women must adhere to the regulations, ensuring gis meet the correct measurements.

Injury Prevention

A correct gi size reduces injury risk. Especially if a gi is too loose. Excess fabric can get cause fingers to get caught, as well as make it easier for your opponent to grip you.

The Most Popular Gi Sizes For Women

a close up shot of a woman wearing a bjj gi

Finding the right gi size boosts comfort, performance, and safety. Women’s gis (F sizes) differ from men’s, considering the unique female body structure.

Here are the most common gi sizes:

  • F1: 4’10” – 5’3″ | 88-115 lbs
  • F2: 5’3″ – 5’6″ | 115-140 lbs
  • F3: 5’6″ – 5’9″ | 140-165 lbs

It is important to note that these sizes can vary by brand. Another important consideration is potential shrinkage. Especially with 100% cotton gis, which tend to shrink in warm water. Lastly, it is important to note that kid’s gi sizes are slightly different as well.

Additional Essentials for your BJJ Uniform

Rash Guards:
Rash guards prevent skin irritation and bacterial spread and are an important part of the uniform. These tight fitting shirts can be worn under the gi or alone for no-gi grappling. Choose durable and comfortable rash guards to ensure good performance.

Gi Pants:
Gi Pants should be as carefully chosen as the gi jacket. Quality materials, such as ripstop or cotton twill will ensure durability and comfort. When making a selection, consider waist size, length, and additional features for the best fit.


Selecting the right gi size is pivotal for women practicing Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, impacting comfort, performance, and safety. Given the variations in body shapes and sizes, understanding gi size charts and brand-specific measurements is essential. Most common gi sizes for women are F1, F2, and F3, but it’s important to account for factors like body type and potential shrinkage post-wash. Additional equipment like rash guards and gi pants enhance training experience, emphasizing the importance of proper sizing and quality. Ultimately, a well-fitted gi not only ensures optimal movement but also meets competition standards and aids in injury prevention.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What factors determine the right gi size for women?
    Height, weight, and body shape determine the best gi size.
  • How does women’s gi size differ in BJJ?
    Women’s gis are more tapered with narrower sleeves and shorter pants than men’s.
  • Which brands offer better gi sizing for women?
    Brands like Fenom, Atama, and Tatami are recognized for women-specific gis.
  • What measurements ensure a proper women’s gi fit?
    Height, weight, waist circumference, and sleeve length are critical.
  • How do I use gi size charts for women?
    Match your measurements to the brand-specific size chart.
  • Should women consider shrinkage when choosing gi size?
    Yes. Most gis can shrink after washing. Follow care instructions or opt for pre-shrunk gis.