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The Martial Source was started as a place where we can gather as martial artists to discuss what we are passionate about. Our creators give their all on the mats and distill their thoughts here, so that we can all discuss the fruits of hours of labor.

Justin Purcell and Amal Easton

Meet our primary contributor

Justin Purcell

Father, Purple Belt, Locker of Wrists

Justin began training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in 2014 with the goal of expanding his combatives skills. His physical attributes are average at best, making technique his primary focus on the mats. His style is slow and methodical, and always eager to help out a beginner.

When Justin isn’t on the mats or kicking the bag, he is most likely found spending time with his wife and young daughter. He is a strength and conditioning coach by trade, a dog lover with a thing for pitties, and handy with a smoker. 

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