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If you’ve just completed your first BJJ Class, congratulations! I’m excited for you to begin your Jiu Jitsu journey. If you haven’t yet, and you’re looking for how to get started, check out our article on how to get started, and what to expect. 



For everyone else, read on and let’s get you the best information to get you progressing as quickly as possible. 

How to improve your BJJ game quickly

Step 1:

Drill, drill, drill. Seriously, drill. This is the one thing that everyone takes for granted and is tremendously important. Find a buddy and do the following:

Take whatever technique you learned in Monday’s class and do as many reps as possible in 15min:

10 reps on the right

10 reps on the left

Switch Partners.


One of they keys to improving as quickly as possible, is to do as many reps as possible per unit time. The second key is to do tell you other partner when they do it wrong. These corrections increase the probability that it will be done correctly in the next attempt.

Step 2:

Drill this exact same technique with the same 15min 10 and 10 protocol with some light resistance. Aim for enough resistance that your partner is successful 7 out of 10 attempts. You as the Uki (or partner) have the responsibility of finding the right amount of push back for your opponent. 

Step 3:

Positional or Live Trianing: Try it in live training, or start with your partner in the position of origin for the technique. Try your newly developed skills with some real resistance. However, don’t expect for it to work out right away, especially against higher belts. Be patient, and you’ll set it up – I promise. 

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